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Approaching 2020! How crazy does that sound? In less than 60 days we will be entering the last phase of our ‘teen years’ and with that comes new technologies and new ways of working and educating, 
At least once in our lives we have been subjected to being hacked in some form or another. I was 19 when it happened to me, my first online purchase and boom I get hacked You see, the excitement and the joy of having real money in my account opposed to monopoly money was the most amazing feeling in the world! So you can imagine the horror when I found out that I apparently brought a ploughing tractor in Ghayana for $6,000 because I had too many windows open on my browser and somehow allowed my bank card details to be shared. I mean come on! 
Lucky for me my bank knew that it wasn’t me who made this random purchase and even though the money had left my account they vowed to trace the fraud and return my money back to me after 3 months! Imagine my sadness at the length of time it took but the relief of knowing I was going to get it back.
In the last decade nearly four billion records have been stolen from people. (https://www.businessinsider.com/biggest-hacks-2010s-facebook-equifax-adobe-marriott-2019-10) according to ‘Business Insider’ that number is where it is at due to the growth of hacker sophistication.
2010 was one of the worst years for this hacking phenomenon to take place. Financial records, personal data, login credentials and more was stolen and according to the cybersecurity firm Kastle System since then has been an upward rising issue. 
You see, companies haven’t been prepared for this level of breach and due to the lack of knowledge and slow adaptation to these rising threats they have been unable to stop breaches in time or take the necessary action to secure their businesses. 
With the volume of breaches that kept on coming and are still coming, you knew that something had to be done! So now you start to see new defence standards and governance being implemented into the private and public sector to avoid such threats, but companies and people are still unaware on how to tackle this, how to implement these new standards into the workplace. People still feel that they don’t have enough insight, knowledge or education on how to tackle cyber threats or teach and train their staff on how to be prepared if faced with this attack. 
How do we prepare? How secure do you feel about you business? Do you know what steps to take, what to look for if you were hacked? I mean really, what does it look like to be hacked.
Human error is one of the biggest problems! We are prone to leaving our data, passwords laying around. We don’t think about how important it is to protect ourselves against the world of cyberthreats. For us it is all about remembering our mothers maiden name or our first pet. In fact forget that we want to push in the easiest of passwords and credentials with no fancy CAPS, @, exclamation marks or question marks.
So, I decided to Google ‘Ways to educate myself against cyber attacks’ Oh you can imagine I go a whole load of links and courses and reading! Tons of reading, but nothing affordable. Nothing that I felt that I would benefit from. It was then I decided that I wanted to introduce something that would not only help large businesses but excite smaller business’s and educate children of all age groups on what cybersecurity is and prepare them for their future.
This is where ICE-VR came into play. I mean, what better way to teach people something. Rather than the boring classroom training we decided to latch onto the trendiest style possible….INTERACTIVE education all at affordable prices.
Taking this gamified learning approach helps to keep you engaged, gives you hands on experience and places you within different scenarios, giving you an insight as an end user and a hacker! 
Over the years and billions of statistical surveys and reports it has been determined that people are more receptive to hands on training. It increases engagement not only with instructors  and teachers but also peers and co-workers.
I don’t know about you but, I have always worked better when something was physically demonstrated to me and I then got to try it out, as opposed to seeing a diagram or listening to someone talk at me, I would turn off in the first 20 seconds without learning anything!
ICE-VR gives you just that experience, BUT we added a twist to it, instead of just experiencing the hands on experience, we decided to put you in the world of Virtual Reality, you know bring it up to date, make it more cool and more fun! Implementing this technology provided an interactive education style. Whilst having fun you are also getting the security awareness training you need. 
I am so excited for you to see what is next to come. Stay tuned!
Written By Mahdi Raza, CEO & Founder

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