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Sorry all been so AWOL, but there is a lot going on! With so many upcoming events in 2020 I have been swamped and well other than that have nothing else to say. All is good and now I’m back!
Just last week my son decided to order a gaming keyboard and headphones and mouse and all the exciting gaming gadgets one would require. You would think that he was an expert level gamer.
But what was really interesting to see is how interests have changed dramatically over the years. I remember when I was his age I would be riding a bike out with my friends, or kicking a soccer ball around and yeah I played SEGA and video games on my computer but it was never to the level that you see today. Back in the day (sound so old) there were other fears surrounding the internet and keeping yourself secure and safe would mean something very different to what it means today. But even then, that was only when you were within the older age group, you know between 16 and 22 and signing in to AOL, downloading MSN Messenger. The fear attached to this type of access would be more along the lines of joining a grooming group or being spoken to by a complete stranger who was pretending to be your friend.
With video consoles there was never the fear of being hacked. In fact our parents, society, us as kids, we were never ever aware of any of these things. We would play and our parents would be oblivious and let us. 
However with the advancement of technology, kids are no longer interested in the traditional way of playing, instead e-gaming, watching other people play on Youtube is the new way of playing, I mean myself I don’t understand the fascination with this but then again there are a lot more stranger things happening. Children are now vulnerable to the internet and web and getting cyber attacked has become a norm. Downloading malware, opening dodgy emails, being enticed with subject lines like “You are a winner” are just so commonly occurring. It is something that is hard to stop because there is not enough awareness or knowledge among the community. Hey, big companies struggle with this so, how can we expect our children to know. 
According to Kaspersky there are seven top dangers children face online today (https://usa.kaspersky.com/resource-center/threats/top-seven-dangers-children-face-online
  • Cyberbullying – 90% of children on social media are affected by this 
  • Cyberpredators – The statistics behind this are unclear because there are so many and growing in numbers, that is pretty scary!
  • Posting Private Information – There is a lack of social boundaries and kids are totally unaware of the risks when posting information on social media
  • Phishing – We are all a culprit of this! See an exciting titled email and boom, you have opened it, Let the cyber attacks commence! 
  • Falling for Scams – luring the kids in with terminology or winning a prize, and just like that you are a victim of a huge cyber attack 
  • Accidentally Downloading Malware.- This is the hardest to control, this can occur behind the scenes and create all kinds of mess and problems. A lot of this malware is attached to something else, therefore when downloading a game or software to play that game, you are more than likely downloading malware too. 
  • Posts that Come Back to Haunt a Child Later in Life.– Posting pics and posting information that ends up finding its way back to you later in life. Posting your whereabouts, date of birth and pictures with information in allow hackers to find out about you and have all the data they need to attack
Having seen this I think it is about time we educate our children as early as possible, especially when we allow them to be exposed to this degree.
At ICEV-VR we are now offering educators/schools the chance to start early and teach children in a fun and dynamic way. Children have never been a big fan of school, so why put them through more boring learning. We are offering the option of innovating, interactive, emerging and real life immersive learning. 
Along with this we are giving children the chance to divulge into an opportunity to work together and problem solve, building their core experiences within this space as a team.
And well a day out of school is always fun, this gives children the opportunity to head away from the traditional way of learning and enjoy an education field trip! 
We offer the use of our Oculus VR, Cybersecurity training and Escape room experiences, all age specific. We will cover topics stated above along with Chat Safe, Browse Safe, Play Safe and much more. 
I got my son and daughter to visit and check out the experience, without being super biased, they LOVED IT! They loved the hands on experience of being able to solve problems and find the threats. Would you believe that my son did better in playing the hacker than the victim being hacked. LOL
Teaching kids today the importance of cybersecurity helps aid towards future breaches and helps to protect them from what is coming and yet to come. As hackers advance with being able to intersect our private lives through technology, it is just as important for us and our children to be prepared and one step ahead on how to prevent and stop future threats and what better way to do this, then through the interception of this through school and education. 
To find out more on how you and your institution can get on board with this, contact us for more details and our packages available.
Written By Mahdi Raza, CEO & Founder

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